Open for business!

"I think we can do this!"

One night over dinner Shawn and I had a deep conversation about  the state of Atlanta.  Discussing everything from the new Georgia Dome to the Beltline, Atlanta seems to be on the up and up, but through our conversation we realized a lot of people are being left behind. As a social worker, I see first hand the challenges that people face to improve their lives and the lack of resources available for them to do so.  I've worked with everyone from Veterans to teen moms and with every place I've worked I always run into a situation where my client needs something simple like a car seat, an interview outfit, or some things for their new place, and our cashed strapped organization can't provide it to them and other non-profit resources are tapped out. As we talked about the improvements in Atlanta our conversation turned to the communities who don't get the benefit of Atlanta's success and what we can do about it. 

 I'd been thinking for a while about alternative ways to do the work that I love, expand my experience in social work, and release some creative juices, all while making a positive impact on my community.  Shawn and I started to jot down ideas and we came up Humble Treasures, a resource for non profits to give their clients the items they need to help fill the gaps of service. I have a love for quality second hand clothing and household items so I knew I could combine my love of helping people and thrifting to add value to Atlanta.

After planning, working, and creating for the last 6 months I am happy to announce that Humble Treasures is officially a registered non-profit organization here to give back to the Atlanta community. I am so excited about the opportunity to help and give donated items directly to those who really need it. 

This is day one of an exciting new adventure! If you would like to join me on it keep following the blog or consider donating