Treasure of the Month: April

This month we recieved a referral for Treasure of the Month via one of our Community Partner contacts. Ms. TK reached out to us about a young lady she was working with who is a single mother, living in a transitional shelter with little support or financial resources. Ms. TK informed us that Vakerria just got her very first job, after several months of searching. However, she did not have the appropriate uniform required to start work, and didn't know where she would  Ms. TK told her " I know the perfect organization that can help you." 


We had the opportunity to donate 2 sets of a work uniforms to Vakerria as she starts her new job. Now she will be able to work in proper attire and earn a living to support herself & her son Taylor. We were so happy to be able to help!


Do you know of an individual with a specific clothing need? If so, please email us at to be selected for the month of May.