What is Humble Treasures?

 Humble Treasures is a non-profit organization that serves as an Atlanta community resource for women & girls. One of the ways we help is by providing a free shopping experience for those in need using our mobile boutique and hosting Treasure Markets. 

Humble Treasures was founded in 2015 by Tiffany McGahee. As a social worker she found it challenging to obtain items she needed to support her clients while working in various organizations. Tiffany noticed there were too many barriers, lack of resources, and limited supply to truly support those she worked with on a daily basis. 

In response to the overwhelming need, she decided to combine her personal passion for collecting “treasures”(a.k.a. thrifting) and her desire to help people obtain the things needed to better their lives and created Humble Treasures.


We remove the barriers to success for those in need by providing free clothing and other resources to create a stronger community and transform lives. 


To create a community where all individuals obtain the necessary resources to achieve their full potential.

What Makes Us Different:

  • We partner with local community organizations to ensure donations are supporting people actively seeking help
  • We are mobile- we can come to you!
  • Clients receive a retail-esque & quality shopping experience 
  • All donated items are given to clients for FREE
  • Our supporters have the opportunity to both give and volunteer all while meeting the needs of people in their community

Core Values

  • Community-  Establish relationships and encourage sharing resources
  • Quality-  Create an environment that provides excellence in care and service
  • Hope- Foster a sense of optimism in our work with every individual
  • Empowerment- Provide basic resources to support personal growth